Hello, Illana!

You probably know her from being an avid rider with Crank for the past 3 years – but if you don’t, say helllllloooo to Ilana!

She will be joining #TeamCrank and we could not be more excited! Ilana is fitness obsessed, having started her fitness journey as a rider at Crank over 3 years ago. Today, her routine focuses on strength training with integrated mobility training, pilates reformer, and Crank for an intense boost of cardio. As an instructor, her classes are endurance driven, focusing on keeping the heart rate up to maximize cardiac effort, keeping the core tucked for stability, and the booty tight – because who doesn’t love a good booty! Her love for bass-heavy, beat-driven music (she’s a born and raised New Yorker, after all) make each class a heart pumping, full body workout. It will be hard not to dance your way through these classes.

Please join us in welcoming Ilana on
Saturday, July 23rd at 12:00p on the Upper East Side.
Book your bikes, Crank; see you there!