Crank Exhilarate

Looking for a musically-driven, fully choreographed ride that will make you forget you’re working out?  Grab the proverbial glow stick (or hand weights) because Crank Exhilarate makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a dance party. 

Crank Strength

If a ride simulating road-racing is more your style, check out Crank Strength. This class is designed to set your calves and quads on fire, using cadence and rpm while monitoring heart rate to optimize your strength training. 

Crank Power

Want to be pushed to the max, cycling to the beat of the music with LESS choreography? Then CrankPower is your jam. The beat drops hard in this hybrid that calls for minimal presses and tap backs, but loads on jumps and sprints as you push through heavy resistance. *NOTE: Some instructors use hand weights, some don’t. 

I didn’t want to write this review because I didn’t want everyone to know about this secret of mine. I never thought I’d be into cycling. I’ve taken spin classes before, but this is no ordinary spin. This is intense, cardio, fat-burning cycling with pumping music in a dark room.
— Elsie W.