How do I reserve a bike at Crank Cycling Studio?

  • Click on the BUY or SCHEDULE tab above
  • Look for schedule and select the desired date and time you wish
  • You can filter also by “class name” and “instructor name”
  • Click the “Buy“ button and proceed with the sign in process

* Note: Schedule classes up to 1 week in advance and cancel classes 12 hrs in advance to assure others can sign up for class.

What are the age, weight and height requirements to ride?

Riders must be 14 or older and at least 4’10”. Our bikes have a max weight of 300 lbs. Riders under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to register online.

Will indoor cycling help me lose weight?

Yes. Indoor cycling will help you shed pounds and lower your body fat if done regularly and in combination with a healthy diet. You can burn up to 600 calories in a single class.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling has been around more than 20 years and continues to grow in awareness and popularity. Participants, led by a qualified instructor, ride special stationary bikes that simulate riding outdoors. Classes are set to unique music mixes compiled to energize and sustain rides for the duration of the class.

Equipment? Bikes? Pedals? Stuff to bring?

Dress in cool clothing or layers — the workout gets warm. Many people wear cycling shorts — they are not necessary, but are great for easing saddle soreness (especially in the first few classes).

What kind of classes does Crank Cycling Studio offer?

Most of our classes are 45 minutes long and tend to emphasize interval training; that is, we focus on high exertion followed by recovery. Indoor cycling is a great way to burn calories and increase your metabolism. The experience in each class varies depending primarily on the instructor’s style and their playlists. To learn more about an individual teacher’s style, check out their bios on the Team page.  This really keeps the classes motivational -- even inspirational -- and most importantly fun!

What is proper etiquette at the studio?

No cell phone or texting in the studio. Kindly, leave your phone at the front desk if you feel that you are going to get an emergency call. Also, please wear clean clothing, we ride in close proximity and want to feed off of each other’s energy, not their odor.