Every day we meet riders with inspiring challenges, progress and success and there is no better way to flaunt them than by sharing their stories. 


Gina and Jacqueline

We are hitting you with a double feature for this #MyCrankStory. Meet Gina and Jacqueline, roommates, friends and workout buddies.

Crank: When did you start coming to Crank UES?

Gina: We started coming to Crank in January of 2016. I guess you could say the clichè “new year new me”(I know, I know – eye roll). Jax and I both knew bathing suit season was coming in hot and fast so we decided to do something about it. My friend Mimi told me about Crank and I thought I’d give it a shot and drag my roommate with me. What got me personally to stay was Paige’s class. The loud music, cool lighting and getting yelled at to push harder is what I needed/still need.

Jacqueline: Gina dragged me to Crank in January. We decided that we both wanted to start working out and New Year; New Us! I remember wanting to kill her after our first class – “Why did you drag me to this?!” It was so hard and I thought I was going to die. But we stuck with it, and 6 months later – we look and feel amazing!
Both Paige and Amanda’s Power class are what made me stick it out. I love their energy they bring to every class and I always leave class feeling like I put in my all.

Crank: How has joining our family changed you – mentally, physically, socially?

Gina: Crank has changed me physically by making me stronger and 23lbs lighter to date. There are some workouts where I can feel myself pushing past what I thought was possible and then applying that out in the real world is amazing. It has mentally changed me in a way I’ve never experienced before. I push myself into doing activities or just moments in everyday life that I literally would have never thought I could physically do, but then boom! I’m doing it. I’m sprinting up hills, or lifting heavy kegs at work etc..  It’s believing in your new strength and trusting it. Socially, here it comes…  CRANK really and truly like a family, man. The riders are awesome and I’m so happy to say I consider the instructors my friends too awwww

Jacqueline: Spin is the first workout that I’ve actually enjoyed doing and I don’t dread! People think I’m crazy because I go at 8AM on a Sunday, especially after a fun night out, but I have to! I feel guilty otherwise! I started 2016 as a year of personal growth and trying to deal with my insecurities head on – Crank has made this possible. When you look good, you feel good and if you feel good; the world doesn’t seem as daunting. Gina and I have definitely become closer as friends and it’s such a great experience that we’ve shared with each other. Plus, we’ve become friends with our instructors and staff and it’s so rewarding to hear that they can see how much stronger we are!

Crank: What is your favorite thing about Crank and/or indoor cycling?

Gina: A  HUGE aspect of why I love Crank is the instructors being involved and motivating. I love love love it. Amanda’s loud WOO’S!! and high kicks, Paige literally coming over and saying “GINA, GIVE ME MORE,” and Peter putting into perspective, that you have 45 min to make a difference; having someone push you because they know you can push that little extra bit makes all the difference. I also do not dread going to class one bit. I look forward to it. I think the only time I was like “ugh,” was when I was sick and could hardly walk. And lastly, THE LOUD MUSIC!! Jacquline and I both love music and is a huge part of our lives, so when I found a workout that I love and I get to jam out at the same time was AWESOME!

Jacqueline: It has to be the music! Music is my life – I’m constantly listening to it and attending concerts and parties to hear it live, so the fact that we work out in a dark room with lights and music blaring is such a fun atmosphere! I tell my friends that it’s like you’re in a club working out! Plus, for those 45 minutes, all that matters is sweating your butt off and forgetting about everything else in the world. It’s therapeutic.

Crank: Tell us a little bit about your background in fitness!

Gina: I played sports in high school, worked out in college, my weight would yo-yo and then I would start running and getting in shape – rinse and repeat. Spin has been THE ONLY form of exercise where I’m not dreading it, I look forward to it and physically seeing myself get stronger has been awesome. It’s also the first time in my life where I’m not just in it to lose weight, I want to actually FEEL strong.

Jacqueline: I have none! Never was into sports and I tried Zumba and dance classes in college but never really got into them because I always felt self-conscious. Spin is the only workout regime that I’ve stuck with because I love it and see results! Now walking around and dancing all night seems like a cake walk and I’m not the first one to be tired anymore!

Crank: What’s it like having your roommate as a workout buddy?

Gina: 100% in the beginning having someone with you in the mornings dragging your butts out the door together in the cold and go to class together helps. Jax and I have both developed our own connection with Crank over the past 6 months which is equally as great. We like different classes and different aspects of them, which again is cool. Everyone is on their own journey and pace when it comes to fitness.

Jacqueline: Having Gina and I work out together has been a huge motivation for me! It was nice having someone to brave the winter with during the beginning and knowing that we were both struggling at first; it made it seem like we really were in this together!

Crank: Any words of wisdom for our new riders or those who may be a little hesitant to get on the bike?

Gina: I definitely think people have a preconceived notion when it comes to spin classes, so when they hear someone they know to be such an advocate for it, they start listening.  Anyone who asks why or what I think about it, I just say “it’s so much fun, I love and look forward to my classes and you should come take a class!”  LOVE YOU CRANK UES! thank you!

Jacqueline: Try it out! Give it at least 5 classes and try different instructors because everyone has their own style of teaching and pushing you and you’re bound to find someone that fits your personality.

WHAT AN INSPIRATION! YOU – our riders – are who inspire US to do what we do. Together, Gina and Jacqueline have lost over 50lbs since they took that first pedal stroke (January ’16-June ’16) and now, they’re hooked! Being healthy, fit, strong, proud and confident are what we are all about!


Britt started riding with us on the Upper East Side back at the start of the New Year in 2014 and has recently relocated to the Long Island City studio after being blessed with a baby on the way (congrats!!).
With that being said, I’ll let Britt speak for herself; we asked her a few questions about her time at Crank, the transition from the UES to LIC and for her to share her story.

Crank: What brought you in the doors?

Brittany: I have always been on a strict workout schedule, taking at least 3 classes at the gym I was currently a member at and doing cardio at least 5 days a week. When I started graduate school in January 2014, I was not able to make my weekly classes at the gym and I knew I didn’t have enough discipline to weight train and push my limits on my own. I had always been reluctant to go to a spin studio since the gym I had a membership at offered multiple spin classes a day, but Crank UES was only 2 blocks from my apartment and offered classes I could take before work and still make it to work on time.

Crank: How has Crank impacted your life, physically and/or emotionally?

Brittany: Crank has helped me through physical and emotional challenges I would not have been able to overcome on my own. I have never been one to push myself to my physical limits without a coach or personal trainer. Crank has taught me how to push my physical limits and not settle for a mediocre workout. When I found out I was pregnant, I never thought I would be able to continue to spin into my 8th month but here I am entering my 34th week and still spinning! Crank has taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and has given me the confidence to accept my changing body throughout my pregnancy. The instructors make the 45-minute classes, not just a workout but also a personal journey. During a spin class, I am able to have 45 minutes to myself to forget all the stresses and anxieties of life. Crank has given me what I like to call my “pregnancy happy hour” since happy hours are just a little less exciting I have made Crank my happy hour.

Crank: How has the transition been moving from the UES studio to LIC?

Brittany: After becoming obsessed with the Crank UES studio, I was worried about my transition to the LIC studio but I love the LIC studio. The transition between studios has been so smooth because I am able to take some of my favorite instructors from the Crank UES at Crank LIC.

Crank: Anything you may want to add — any inspiration for fellow or future riders?

Brittany: Throughout my pregnancy all the instructors at Crack have kept me motivated and have encouraged me to continue to spin.  I don’t think I would be able to handle the ups and downs of pregnancy without Crank.

And there you have it! Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from stories of tremendous weight loss — Britt’s story is a perfect example of how fitness can impact and change your life in more ways than solely physical results.